About Daryl

486731_585572791375_2032580829_nDaryl is 26 and currently resides with his french press and beard in a fourplex in Minneapolis, MN. He works as an American Sign Language interpreter (IT IS A REAL LANGUAGE!) and comedian to his coworkers. Daryl, being the badass that he is, loved his pet rabbit (RIP Maya). He likes to go to churches that have free coffee. He walks the line of inappropriateness.
Daryl spends his time challenging people to reevaluate their beliefs via sarcasm and paper airplanes.
Some of Daryl’s recent achievements are:
-Eating Chipotle burrito bowls every night of the week.
-Creating lists of achievements.
-Barely working; mostly snacking on chocolate.
-Coordinating elliptical workouts with episodes of “Days of Our Lives.”

Mr. Handsome looking dapper.

Daryl is a Christian but is also an avid reader of fantasy novels. He has been with his partner, Mr. Handsome, for two Shamrock shake seasons, that time a young adult novel became a movie, and 55 cupcakes.

Daryl has an associates degree in biblical studies and a bachelors degree in ASL-English interpreting. He graduated from bible school in 2010 and has wreaked havoc on the world since. Daryl currently attends a non-denominational church in Minneapolis,


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