Behind the Beard

Good morning blog world!

*Blog world cheers but is also confused because it’s not morning*

I plan on blowing  up the interwebs with my witty and satirical commentary about important things!

Here is a photo of me doing important things:


I know. Hold your heads on. Don’t let them blow away.

I suppose summarizing my intent is expected. So I will tell you.
I will tell you all the things I will post.
I will post photos.
I will post pictures of foods and tell you the recipes.
CRAZY recipes like: “Apples…but wait until you see what happened next!”
Mind blown. I know.
I’ll model my fashions. Clearly I’m a trend-setter. I’ll wear hoodies in new and amazing ways.
I’ll probably not show you pictures of my partner because he’s mine.
You’ll take him! I know you will because he’s adorable.
I’m more adorable; don’t tell him. God made me this way.
Take your beef up with my Heavenly Father, yo.
No, but for real, he just doesn’t like his picture taken. (I’ll try to get a candid one)
So thanks for reading and I’ll post soon!
Stay in school! Read books!
*Insert other positive messages*

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